America’s 90 million dogs
produce 23 billion lbs.
of poop every year.
That's enough to bury
Central Park 10 feet deep.

Picking up sh*t isn't fun.
Curbicus makes it easier.

When left on the ground, dog waste poses a threat to humans and the environment. Plastic and biodegradable bags can take hundreds of years to decompose. The only sustainable and logical way to dispose of dog waste is through composting.

What we do

Curbicus provides modern pet parents a clean and convenient solution to dog waste.

Promote Responsibility

Offer an environmentally conscious product for the sustainable pet parent

Promote Responsibility

Use recyclable materials in our product and packaging
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Sustainable Clean-up

Reduce the number of plastic and biodegradable bags sitting in landfills by using compostable capsules

Sustainable Clean-up

Will offer regional composting programs - to come!
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Zero Contact

Eliminate the "gross factor" when picking up dog waste

Zero Contact

Act as a physical barrier, protecting you from harmful parasites and bacteria
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Our Mission

We are on a mission to curb the carbon paw print.

Our goal is to promote convenience and safety while simultaneously making an impact on the environment and promoting sustainability.

Never touch sh*t again. Equipped with compostable bags delivered to your door, our easy-to-use device is perfect for pets and people on the go. Curbicus gathers up waste for composting so that you, your pet, and your city can stay clean. We have created a product that solves two big problems: plastic waste that harms the environment and the gross factor of picking up dog waste.

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