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Urbicus adjective, Latin: Urban/of the city/civic

Curbicus noun, English: A product that curbs the urban pawprint

A clean, compostable solution to dog waste for urban pet parents.


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Dog waste is a huge problem in the streets of major cities like New York– it’s gross, unpleasant, and detrimental to the environment…


They say that dogs are man’s best friends and that’s why you will find almost every home having a dog. While dogs make the…

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Eighty-nine point seven million. That’s how many dogs live in the United States….

Curbicus is a patent-pending collection device that eliminates the “gross factor” when handling dog waste, and keeps our streets clean. Curbicus is a compact cylindrical device, weighing 1.5 lbs, and can attach to a dog leash or the pet parent’s wrist. It contains a small, battery-operated vacuum mechanism and self-closing compostable bags, making it an easy one-handed, two-step process. We are working on setting up a network of designated compost bins throughout cities, starting in NYC.