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Urbicus adjective, Latin: Urban/of the city/civic

Curbicus noun, English: A product that curbs the urban pawprint

A clean, compostable solution to dog waste for urban pet parents.

Making the best out of a sh*tty situation.

When you own a dog, poop is part of the deal. That means that life can get a little messy.

(“How does my dog’s poop impact my city, and the environment?”)


Curbicus was developed by Anna Gannon, a New York native, as a solution to the urban dog waste dilemma. Since existing methods of cleanup leave something to be desired for both the dog owner and the environment, she created this eco-friendly product that takes a simple approach to waste cleanup, addressing and eliminating all of the pain points that come with poop cleanup:

  1. Contact: Say goodbye to touching your dog’s poop. (Even if it’s through a bag; nobody needs to be THAT close to their dog.)

  2. Odor: Curbicus’ technologically-sound vacuum device allows for efficient collection and seals the waste immediately, blocking unpleasant odors. 

  3. Waste (as in the plastic kind): Our bags are compostable, meaning that they are made from 100% organic materials that break down in a compost bin, and can be used to fertilize urban parks!  Biodegradable take years to break down. Although biodegradable bags are still better for the environment than traditional plastic bags, they fill our landfills for years to come.

Curbicus is a patent-pending collection device that eliminates the “gross factor” when handling dog waste, and keeps our streets clean. Curbicus is a compact cylindrical device, weighing 1.5 lbs, and can attach to a dog leash or the pet parent’s wrist. It contains a small, battery-operated vacuum mechanism and self-closing compostable bags, making it an easy one-handed, two-step process. We are working on setting up a network of designated compost bins throughout cities, starting in NYC.